Raggett Industries Ltd became famous worldwide with the invention of the FIELDCRAFT grafting machines and grafting tools. Propagators, Growers, Nurserymen, both professional and amateurs from all over the globe now look to Raggett Industries Ltd for simply the most accurate, effective and the fastest grafting tools and systems in the world.

Now FIELDCRAFT is the worlds most popular grafting machine because FIELDCRAFT machines are incredibly accurate and increase your graft take by up to 99%.

The Fieldcraft grafting machines give near 100% successful grafts and can be used to graft any woods including grapes, apples, avocados, persimmons, kiwifruit, nuts, ornamentals, stone and pip fruit trees. For the professional or the amateur, these machines are fast, incredibly accurate, save time and labour. A morning's work can pay for the machine.

Our grafting machines are widely available from distributors throughout the world, or may be obtained directly from this web site.

Raggett Industries Ltd is managed by the Raggett family who owns 100% of the company corporate stock.

Fieldcraft is the registered trademark of Raggett Industries Ltd.

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